Emily Rodgers

Emily Rogers_Horizontal“Emily Rodgers has one of those haunting, unforgettable voices that radiates with a surreal beauty.” –NPR All Songs Considered

 “Emily Rodgers is melancholy, sure, but the inherent mysteriousness of her ghostly songs transcends mere mood and cuts deeper.” –Time Out Chicago

Emily Rodgers’s music has been compared to Mazzy Star, Cat Power, and Neil Young. Rodgers’s 2009 release Bright Day was mixed and mastered by legendary indie producer Kramer who has praised her music in a number of interviews, calling her “a songwriter in the classic sense of the term.” In 2008, Rodgers signed to Misra Records; that same year, she performed at the SXSW Music Festival. Rodgers has shared stages with artists including: Magnolia Electric Company, Great Lake Swimmers, Nina Nastasia, Thalia Zedek Band, Hayden, Horse Feathers and Jolie Holland.

The Dead Don’t Heal


Bright Day